Sponsors of CEON

  • Abisko Scientific Research Station

  • Scandinavian-North European Network of Terrestrial Field Bases

  • National Science Foundation

  • Forum of Arctic Research Operators

  • Arctic Council

  • International Arctic Science Committee
  • The US National Science Foundation (OPP0341838)
  • The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' Abisko Scientific Research Station.
  • The Scandinavian-North European Network of Terrestrial Field Bases (SCANNET).
  • A grant to Abisko Scientific Research Station from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for its participation in the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).
Many participants involved in the development of CEON have generously provided whole or partial funding to support their attendance at meetings and participation in drafting of CEON documentation.

Toward an Integrated Arctic Observing Network, Committee on Designing an Arctic Observing Network, National Research Council, 2006. 200pp. [Download PDF]


The following key organizations have formally endorsed the concept of CEON:
  • IASC
  • FARO
  • Senior Arctic Officials of the Arctic Council