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CEON aims to promote measurement of standardized environmental observations and dissemination of these to Arctic researchers whilst encompassing and building on the strengths of existing arctic research stations and environmental observatory networks. The CEON concept is endorsed by the Forum of Arctic Research Operators (FARO - and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC - and is founded on the rationale that:
  • Relative to other regions on the globe, the Arctic is experiencing dramatic environmental change.
  • Change detection and predictive power of environmental change in the Arctic are low and are limited and threatened by a loss of sustained environmental observation time series.
  • A Circum-arctic Environmental Observatories Network that can provide adequate, diverse and sustained time series observations that meet the requirements of a broad range of stakeholder groups has the potential to dramatically improve our understanding of the Arctic System and how it is responding to environmental and societal change.
  • There is an established scientific infrastructure and considerable ongoing research and monitoring in the Arctic. However, international barriers, limited communication, availability of data sets, and differences in technologies and sampling methods constrain the broader international and multidisciplinary impacts of this effort.
A recent CEON planning meeting was convened at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden. Attendees represented all arctic nations, a range of established monitoring networks, field stations, indigenous people's organizations and funding agencies as well as experts from the environmental modeling and remote sensing sciences. All attendees enthusiastically supported the CEON concept. Discussion focused on the disciplinary scope and internal organizational structure of CEON and priorities for future development. These span construction of a website that will include a novel internet mapping, informational and analysis tool, dissemination of brochures advertising the CEON terms of reference, and preparation of funding proposals to sustain the development of CEON.

Planning for CEON has been sponsored by the National Science Foundation of the United States, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' Abisko Scientific Research Station, The Scandinavian-North European Network of Terrestrial Field Bases (SCANNET), and a grant to Abisko Scientific Research Station from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency for its participation in the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).

Prof. Terry Callaghan, University of Sheffield, UK and Abisko Scientific Research Station, Sweden
Dr. Craig Tweedie, Michigan State University, USA
Co-Chairs of the CEON interim Steering Committee
16th October 2003