Meetings >> Report of CEON Planning meeting

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm, Sweden
October 2-5, 2003
  1. Summary of the Meeting
  2. The Initiation and Background of CEON
  3. Objectives of this meeting
  4. The meeting at a glance
    1. Welcome, Background, Perspectives and Challenges for the development of CEON
    2. Potential disciplinary interests of CEON
    3. Potential network partners of CEON
    4. What scope, questions and measurements should CEON encompass?
    5. What organizational structure would work effectively for CEON and what are the short to long term tasks and priorities.
  5. The Meeting in Review
  6. Post Meeting Accomplishments
  7. Appendices
    1. Participant List
    2. Final Agenda
    3. Abstracts
    4. Summary Statement