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Thursday, 2nd October

Participants arrived and checked in to the Hotel Gustav Vasa (

Ice breaker reception at the Swedish restaurant 'Tennstopet' just around the corner from the Hotel Gustav Vasa.

All other conference activities took place at the Royal Swedish National Academy of Sciences only a short distance from the hotel by bus. Lunches were served at the Academy. Evening meals were catered by local restaurants. A cash bar was in operation at these restaurants.

Friday, 3rd October

1.1 Session Theme: Welcome, Background, Perspectives and Challenges for the development of CEON (Session chair Terry Callaghan). 1.2 Session Theme: Potential disciplinary interests of CEON (Session chair Craig Tweedie). 1.3 Session Theme: Potential network partners of CEON (Session chair Morten Rasch).

Saturday, 4th October

2.1 Session Theme: What scope, questions and measurements should CEON encompass? (Session chair Terry Callaghan).

Sunday, 5th October

3.1 Session Theme: What organizational structure would work most effectively for CEON and what are the short to long term tasks and priorities. (Session chair Craig Tweedie).
  • Meeting and reporting of breakout groups.
  • Group discussion.
  • Identification of responsibilities and time lines.
  • Closure of the meeting.
  • Most participants departed.