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Section 6: Post Meeting Accomplishments

Several activities have been initiated since this meeting:
  • A CEON overview document has been submitted to Helena Odmark and Sarah Brandel, Senior Arctic Officials (SAO) to the Arctic Council (AC) for Sweden and the US respectively (see Appendix D).
  • Odmark tabled CEON at the recent SAO meeting of the AC in October. This presentation was coupled to a presentation of IASC delivered by Kristjan Kristjanson.
  • CEON subsequently received favorable appeal and the SAO committee has requested that a formal presentation of CEON be delivered at the next SAO meeting in May 2004.
  • An official website has been registered at and will be populated by early December.
  • The construction of interactive map server has begun and will become increasingly resourceful over the coming months. This application will be accessible through the CEON website.
  • A grant proposal to IASC is under preparation and will be submitted in early December.