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Section 4: The Meeting At A Glance

A total of 34 participants attended the meeting and represented all eight arctic nations and 11 of the 18 IASC member countries. Disciplinary interests of participants spanned science administration, ecology, climatology, biogeochemistry, remote sensing, policy and management, human and physical geography, and modeling. Interests of indigenous peoples of the north and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) were represented in several disciplines. Participants also represented a range of research sites, monitoring networks, research collaborations, and science-based programs and organizations, spanning local to international scales of foci. Other attendees at the meeting were Krister Nilsson (Swedish Ministry of the Environment), Helena Odmark (Swedish Senior Arctic Official to the Arctic Council) and Uno Svedin (Swedish Research Council for the Environment, Agriculture and Spatial Planning - FORMAS). A complete list of conference participants is given in Appendix A.

The final agenda of the meeting is given in Appendix B of this report. The first day of the meeting included three sessions of presentations from invited participants. These presentations provided a theoretical framework for group discussion in days two and three of the meeting. Presentation abstracts are given in Appendix C. Themes for the three sessions of invited presentations for the first day of the meeting were.

  • Background, Perspectives and Challenges for the development of CEON.
  • Potential disciplinary interests of CEON.
  • Potential network partners of CEON.
On day two of the meeting an intense but highly productive and involved group discussion focused on the question 'What scope, questions and measurements should CEON encompass?' On Day three of the meeting, breakout groups conceptualized the internal organizational structure and functioning of CEON and identified a series of tasks and priorities based on the group discussion of day two of the meeting. A summary of presentations and group discussions are given below. This report and presentations from the meeting will be available on the new CEON website ( by early December.