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Welcome to the CEON web site

CEON is a network of terrestrial and freshwater observation platforms, science experts and network partners promoting the collection and dissemination of environmental data from the Arctic.

CEON observation platforms include land and freshwater observatories, research infrastructures, former research sites where retrospective analyses are being or can be undertaken, data and image archive centers and community monitoring programs.

Current Activities:

  • Transitioning from an implementation phase to becoming a fully implemented multi-laterally funded international network.
  • Developing documentation that formally identifies the network, its mission, objectives, scope and mode of operation.
  • Developing mechanisms and cyberinfrastructure for enhancing information transfer both within and external to CEON.
  • Liaising with CEON stakeholders and reviewing current monitoring efforts and capacities at a circumarctic scale to identify partnerships, locations, mechanisms and technologies that could be implemented to reduce observational gaps in the Arctic.

I, Craig Tweedie, am the author of this article, Circumarctic Environmental Observatories Network, and I release its content under the terms of the [ GNU Free Documentation License], Version 1.2 and later.
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